Must-buy products for visitors to Tibet

Tibetan ornaments are made of pearls, agates, corals, turquoise rocks, and beeswax, as well as jade, gold and silver. Visitors from other parts of China are often spotted at the souvenir shops on the Barkhor Street, downtown Lhasa, capital of Tibet.

Caterpillar fungi, ginseng and pilose antler are considered the top three tonics in China. Caterpillar fungus is believed to be the only Chinese medicinal herb that can balance yin and yang in the body.

Tibetan knives are carried around by Tibetan people for cutting meat and self-defense. The knives for males are boorish and sharp, while those for females look refined and delicate.

Tibet's totem masks are a kind of handicrafts originating from the religion. On religious occasions, the masks feature the images of various gods and goddesses, such as Protector of Dharma and Goddess of Fortune. The masks are well received by visitors, especially by foreign ones.

Traditional Tibetan carpets fall into three categories, namely, carpets, tapestries and rugs. Carpets produced in Gyantse County, Xigaze Prefecture, are the most famous.