A visit to Shijinglong Ski Resort

As Beijing embraces more snow, ski resorts are seeing more and more tourists coming to hit the slopes and enjoying the fresh air in a world full of purity and the magic of snow. Currently there are 13 ski resorts spread across the vast outskirts of Beijing, each one has something unique to attract ice fanatics.


Today we paid a visit to the first ski resort in Beijing, Shijinglong Ski Resort, in north Beijing's Yanqing District.

Located 80 kilometers north of Beiijing, Shijinglong Ski Resort is nestled in the marvelous mountains just near scenic Longqing Gorge. Though I am not a fan of skiing or snowboarding, the first sight of the landscape and joyful skiers gave me an entirely refreshed feeling.

It took us about one and a half hours to get to the resort, and I can feel it's much colder than inside the city. Since today is not a weekend, and also it's the start of the snow season, we didn't see many people. On our arrival, we noticed a very interesting colorful hub. The manager told us they've been collecting the broken skis since they opened in 1999, and this hub is made of recycled skis.

The staff at Shijinglong were very nice, especially when they helped change my ski clothes. I guess it's because it is the oldest ski resort in Beijing, many clothes are a bit torn, but they are quite clean.

Shijinglong has different slopes tailored for skiers of different levels. The most challenging slope is over 1 kilometer. With a maximum slope of thirty degrees, it has a pitch of 300 meters. The mid-level run has a maximum slope of twenty-eight degrees. Most of the time we are in the beginners slope, which is over 3 kilometers with an average slope of ten degrees.

As Beijing embraces more snow, ski resorts are seeing more and more tourists coming to enjoy the fresh air in a world full of purity.

There are many beginners like me, but it's no big deal to learn some basics when you are with an experienced tutor. It's getting late so I don't have time to follow a tutor, but next time I will do so. My colleage is an expert on snowboarding and he did a nice show, which made me really want to learn it.

It is such a moving picture with the sunset at the resort that we are reluctant to leave. It might not be the most well-appointed ski resort in Beijing, but its nice staff and charming scenery make the place a worthy destination for ice lovers and fun-seekers.