Perf. arts center for Shanghai Expo becomes new landmark

With half-a-year to go to the Shanghai World Expo,the new building complex for the event has just been unveiled. Besides the pavilions for various countries, there is a performing arts center and the Private Enterprises Pavilion.

The Performing Arts Center for the Shanghai World Expo will be the top venue for the event's grand opening. It's also expected to be the largest entertainment locale in China. Due to its giant scale, it has become a new landmark in Shanghai, following the Oriental Pearl Tower, and the Jin Mao Mansion.

The flying disk shape architecture turns into a mesmerizing gigantic ship, shining on the sea. The new Shanghai Center for the Performing Arts can alter the capacity, the scale, and shape of the individual theater halls within it, to make use of the building's energy saving design. At most, the main theater can seat an audience of 18-thousand.

The Performing Arts Center also houses cinemas, music clubs, exhibition halls, and art salons. Major art activities and shows will be held here during the Shanghai World Expo. The center will open for twenty-four hours a day during the event, helping to turn Shanghai into a sleepless city. By 2011, the futuristic venue will be turned into Mercedez-Benz Arena and will also feature auto culture.

Another main building unveiled recently is the Private Enterprises Pavilion. It is called the "vibrant matrix", composed of nineteen "cell" shaped columns. It is dubbed as a brand new example of energy saving and eco-friendly architecture.