Splash! Droplets of water and milk images(1)

These images have caused a splash - they capture the moment when a tiny droplet of milk hits water. Photographer Corrie White spends hours firing the coloured droplets at the water from a pipette suspended 12 inches above

Corrie, 61, uses milk because it falls more slowly than water, giving her more time to get a snap of that perfect moment. Both the milk and the water in which it lands are tinted with food colouring to give the spectacular effect

Mum of four Corrie started shooting the droplets a year ago after seeing another photographer attempt something similar. Using a macro lens, she worked out a way to capture the stunning shots without using any photographic trickery

She said: "Last year for my 60th birthday, my family bought me a 100mm macro lens. In late January, I took some pictures of frost on my windows and this inspired me to try the water drops. I haven't stopped since" Corrie describes this delightful shot an abstract (but we think it looks like someone giving the finger)