Those stories about the phone: the sadness and happiness of owning a phone at the first time(I)

I hadn’t a mobile phone until I was a sophomore. Actually, that phone is owned by my father but I “robbed” it from his hands.

My father teaches at a middle school in my hometown. Looking as an outsider, my family is really affluent in my hometown because my father has a two thousand RMB wage per month. But on account of our four childern and all of us were going to school, so almost all the income of my family was used on our school study. Nearly other expenses were omitted. For example, my parents didn’t acquire a new clothes throughout the year. My mother uses low cost skin care products to wipe her face over many years, so that she looks darker and older than her peers now. And in order to save money she has never to do her hair. My father smokes and drinks very little. Although he is qualified high relatively in the school, he did not take the initiative to buy a mobile phone. Finally father had a cell phone when I was in my second year at college. Each teacher got a cell phone, of course, the cheapest Nokia 1110(I learned the phone’s model later) as the welfare of Teacher’s Day.


My college was so far away from my hometown, and I really missed my family and my friends very much. So the moment when I saw father’s phone at the first sight at home in summer vacation, I sprouted the idea that I wanted to using the phone by myself.

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