Those stories about the phone: the sadness and happiness of owning a phone at the first time(II)

Stories about a Cell Phone

In fact, it was true. One day father was out of town in a hurry and forgot to bring the cell phone. There was an emergency at home by chance. We did not know father friend’s phone number, also did not know the specific place where they were either. Finally we found father but the bad results had occurred.

After that incident, we knew that it is so inconvenient if we have no a cell phone in nowadays, especially when you are accustomed to using a mobile phone but you have no one in your hands suddenly. It will drive you mad

Summer vacation was drawing to a close and the next day I had to go. That night I packed the cell phone and its charger. Father saw me and said nothing. Then he told me that he would buy one cell phone when income and expenditure account of our home become better. That was contrary to what I had expected because father had promised me. I was disappointing and said nothing, but still foisted the phone and charger into my bag when I left home the next morning.

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